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Welcome To Sergepm.
Welcome to SERGEPM !

We believe in the power of Unity.

SERGEPM is an Indian Health & Service Marketing company that sell Medical products. The company was founded by Ram Nivash in 2017. SERGEPM aim to provide people with an opportunity to start their business. We have been dreaming to provide a job to the jobless. SERGEPM aim to grow globally and set a benchmark in direct selling or indirectly selling.SERGEPM would continue to enrich the life of everyone who is a part of this company and who believe in its product. SERGEPM aim is to be the best company that best understand and satisfies the sentiment of the peoples. We do our best not to receive any complainT from any subscribers or downline by endowing our best service and honesty



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Professional Team

Professional Team

Invest in your professional development. Specialize... and team up with colleagues who have different strengths.


We focus a lot on the quality of products experience speed, Reliability

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Progressively empower business "outside the box" thinking with resource-leveling partnerships.

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We protect digital content and your revenue! Take advantage of our software security and business intelligence solutions.

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All transactions on our platform are encrypted and not disclosed.

100% Automation

All processes are fully automated (charging and withdrawal).



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